Aircraft carrier designer confident for China's vessel-building technology

China Military Online
Zhang Tao

By Lin Wei

BEIJING, Oct. 27 (ChinaMil) -- China is fully capable of independently designing and developing large-size aircraft carriers and destroyers, according to Wu Xiaoguang, head of the No.701 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC).

With the title of deputy chief designer for China's aircraft carrier program, Mr. Wu is also confident that China's vessel-building technology will lead the world. He said Tuesday that China has made substantial achievements in vessel building, especially vessel technology, over the past five years.

"China's first home-built aircraft carrier entered water at Dalian Shipyard on April 26 this year, and our large destroyer entered water at Jiangnan Shipyard on June 28. Only a great country is able to make such achievements,” Wu said, illustrating that "An aircraft carrier, for example, is a gigantic and complex systematic project, and a 'crown jewel' in the field of weapon and equipment."

"China's first home-built aircraft carrier does not only boast elaborate design. Every piece of special steel it uses, every piece of mechanical, electrical, electronic and special equipment and the aircraft, missiles, guns and torpedoes installed on it are all developed and manufactured ourselves, "Wu expressed, adding that "China is fully capable of independently developing and designing medium and large-size aircraft carriers and large destroyers."

As is known to all, aircraft carriers and large destroyers are not only symbolic of a country's overall strength, but also necessary for defending its legitimate rights and interests overseas. Thus, Wu said that with the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, overseas Chinese assets and personnel will increase substantially, posing a growing demand for escort vessels.

"Our naval vessels have carried out joint exercises, evacuated overseas Chinese and conducted escort missions in the Gulf of Aden in waters off Somalia in recent years. China is the largest trading power in the world today, and 80 percent of our goods are transported by sea,” Wu said.

“China is also the country that turns out the most workers and tourists around the world. With the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese assets and personnel overseas will increase substantially, and they need Chinese naval vessels' protection.”

Speaking to the future improvement of China's naval equipment and vessel technology, Wu said that "the average age of our designer team at No.701 Institute is only 37 years old, therefore, I believe our generation will make major headway in naval equipment development as well as vessel technology development in the future, and I'm confident that our vessel technology will be leading in the global vessel industry in the near future."


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