Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Lebanon passes UN assessment

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Huang Panyue
Colonel Huang Yun (L), commanding officer of the 16th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon, talks with a member of a United Nations equipment inspection team on October 23, 2017. ( Dong Yongkang)

LEBANON, Oct. 27 (ChinaMil) -- The 16th Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon passed the second round of United Nations combat-readiness inspection on equipment on Monday with a serviceability rate of 100%.

The Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment was deployed to its mission area in Lebanon at the end of May this year, and passed the first UN combat-readiness inspection on equipment in July.

Apart from all the items in the previous inspection, the combat operation assessment was added to the list with stricter criteria, aimed to comprehensively verify the detachment’s capability of performing various peacekeeping missions.

The inspection started at 10:00 a.m. and lasted two hours, the 23 members of the UN equipment inspection team divided into 18 groups examined the detachment’s main equipment and self-maintained equipment as well as all kinds of facilities and devices.

The United Nations conducts inspection on equipment according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the United Nations and troop- contributing countries, in a bid to comprehensively assess, on quarterly basis, the equipment and facilities provided by troop-contributing countries. The inspection results serve as important references for the United Nations to offer economic compensations to troop-contributing countries.

Report by Dong Yongkang and Niu Yanli

A member of a UN equipment inspection team tests the sensibility of a mine detector of the Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon during the second UN combat-readiness assessment on equipment on October 23, 2017. ( Yongkang)

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