Beijing, Seoul agree on military-to-military contacts on THAAD

China Daily
Huang Panyue

Beijing and Seoul have agreed to push exchanges and cooperation in various fields back on the track at an early date,according to a press release by the Foreign Ministry.

Also the two sides will communicate issues regarding the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system through military channels between the two countries, the press release said.

The ministry confirmed the latest consensus in the release which said China and the Republic of Korea have established communications recently through diplomatic channels to discuss issues including the Korean Peninsula.

Both sides said they attach great importance to China-ROK relations, and would like to act on the spirits of bilateral documents and promote the development of China-ROK strategic cooperative partnership, the release said.

The two sides reaffirmed the principle of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and peacefully settling the Peninsula's nuclear issue, reiterated their commitment to resolving the nuclear issue through all diplomatic means, and said they will enhance strategic communication and cooperation in this regard, it said.

The ROK has acknowledged China's position and concerns on the THAAD issue. It has clearly stated that the THAAD system was deployed in the ROK in accordance with its original purposes for deployment, and it does not target a third country, which means not damaging China's strategic security interests, the release said.

Based on its stance on safeguarding national security, China reiterated its opposition to the deployment of THAAD in the ROK, and it at the same time took note of the positions made clear by the ROK and hopes that the ROK properly tackles the relevant issue, the release said.

China has stated its positions and concerns on topics such as the building of the US-led missile defense networks, the additional deployment of THHAD and the military cooperation among the ROK, the US and Japan, the release said.

In response, the ROK reiterated the stances made clear by its government, according to the press release.


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