Xi'an's college and industrial park join hands in innovation

China Daily
Dong Zhaohui

An inauguration ceremony was held on Nov 2 to mark the establishment of the Western China Civil-Military Integration Innovation Valley and Xi'an Electronics Valley based in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi province.

Based in the national development zone, the valley enjoys a convenient transportation system and a cluster of colleges and tech firms led by Xidian University and Samsung Electronics Co.

Proposed by the government in 2015, the military-civilian integration project aims to apply military resources to civilian use and to get civilian investors involved in military industries.

A joint effort of the Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone and the Xidian University, the project's first priority is to set up a system featuring military-civilian integration and Information Technology (IT) industries, which promote innovation in electronic information and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in an area of 100,000 square meters.

By taking advantage of the achievements in the industries and scientific research, the pair will meet the demands for personnel and technological innovation and also open a wide land for their exploration in producing, teaching and researching.

In the 1.45-million-square-meter planning area, the valley will also work to nurture talents, attract entrepreneurial companies and provide supporting services in order to usher in a new technology development era.



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