Interior of China's first homemade carrier unveiled

China Daily
Zhang Tao
A photo shows the interior of the hanger of China's first domestically developed aircraft carrier. (Photo/China Shipbuilding Industry Corp)

A photo showing the interior of the hanger of China's first homemade aircraft carrier was released on the public account of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, the ship's builder, on Nov. 8.

It is the first time the interior of the carrier's hanger was seen since it was launched in Dalian, Liaoning province, on April 26. The ship is China's second aircraft carrier and the first one designed and made at home.

The carrier, whose name remains unknown, is the largest and most sophisticated surface vessel China has ever built. It has a displacement of 50,000 metric tons, with a conventional propulsion system. It will carry domestically developed J-15 fighter jets.


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