5+5 Defence Initiative discusses non-military airborne threats

Li Jiayao

ALGIERS, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- The 5+5 Defense Initiative composed of 10 Mediterranean countries on Monday held a meeting in Algiers to discuss multilateral military cooperation mechanisms and the adoption of legal framework to deal with non-military air threat.

The expected objective of this meeting is to "craft an approach to regulating the measures to be taken in case of non-military airborne threats, based on efficient and flexible laws to ensure optimal availability for an immediate, effective intervention when dealing with non-military aircraft threats," said a statement from Algerian Defense Ministry.

The source noted the meeting discussed also ways of boosting the performance of 5+5 initiative armed forces in terms of dealing with interventions to address non-military airborne threats.

The 5+5 initiative includes Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Malta.

This block aims to establish a framework of cooperation for the development of practical activities in areas of common interest, and facilitate the exchange and sharing of information and experiences with the aim of effective confrontation of the challenges and threats in the region.

It includes maritime surveillance and air security cooperation, in addition to the contribution of the armed forces of member states in civil defense in case of major disasters.  

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