Four spotlights in Dubai Airshow

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Li Jiayao

DUBAI, Nov. 14 (ChinaMil) -- The 15th Dubai Airshow kicked off at the Al Maktoum International Airport on November 12. More than 1,200 aerospace industry companies and organizations gathered here to demonstrate the latest update in technological R&D and innovation and business transaction.

As a large airshow that develops fast in recent years, the Dubai Airshow this year has the following four spotlights.

First: PLA Air Force Aerobatics Team performs at the airshow

During the five-day-long exhibition, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force's Bayi (August 1st) Aerobatics Team will fly six J-10 aerobatic fighter jets to perform 19 movements either in multiple aircraft formation or solo maneuver.

Second: Static demonstration of more than 160 aircrafts

The visitors will have a close-range contact with more than 160 planes at the static demonstration zone.

Third: China-made UAVs make group appearance

As the representative of Chinese aviation industry that participated in Dubai Airshow for the fourth time, China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) brought 17 leading products to its 200㎡ booth, and its systematic UAV equipment and overall UAV solutions attracted many visitors.

The UAV systems that AVIC exhibited at this Dubai Airshow feature full spectrum, rich functions, and wide scope of application, cover all altitudes, and include various types for both military and police use.

Fourth: Future-themed aviation and aerospace activities

It is known that a series of conferences and forums in the theme of aviation and aerospace will be held during the airshow. Alfred Merrill Worden, the former astronaut of the American's Apollo 15 will give a speech.

According to the "Mars 2117 strategy" of the UAE government put forth, the UAE will launch the "Hope" spacecraft in 2020, which is expected to reach Mars in 2021.

Therefore, the Dubai Airshow this year set up a Future Day and worked with universities in UAE, just in a bid to ignite the space dreams of the young generation and store space talents for the future.

By Su Xiaopo and Huang Shubo


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