Chinese air force pilots complete combat readiness training

Zhang Tao

BEIJING, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- China's first group of 12 military pilots on new training methods have completed combat readiness training using the Guizhou JL-9 training plane at the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force Harbin Flight Academy.

The air force began to use the Guizhou JL-9 training planes, which have similar functions to the third generation fighter jets currently in service, in August this year, to further reform its training methods.

The new training method focuses on tactics used in combat and on completion, the pilots have combat readiness to fly the fighter jets currently in service, according to the academy.

The academy said it has also updated its teaching facilities, adopting virtual reality flight simulation training equipment.

During the past five years, China has advanced military reform, making historic steps in building a strong military.


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