Bayi Aerobatics Team performs at high altitude for first time

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

QUETTA, Nov. 21 (ChinaMil) -- The Bayi Aerobatics Team attached to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force staged a wonderful aerobatic flight in Quetta, capital city of Pakistan's Baluchistan on November 19.

This is the first time it performed in a high-altitude area, and over 6,000 local service members and residents watched the performance.

It is learnt that the Bayi Aerobatics Team arrived in Quetta on November 18 after participating in the Dubai Airshow.

Actually, the performance on November 19 was just a rehearsal aiming to familiarize the pilots with the terrain, landform and weather of local area and help them to prepare for the formal performance later.

However, when the Bayi Aerobatics Team arrived at Quetta airport prior to their performance on Sunday, a lot of local military members and residents have already been waiting in the audience zone and by the fences outside the airport.

During their show, as the J-10 fighter jets took off into the sky one by one, the audiences marveled at the wonderful performance, and applauses and exclamations burst out among the audiences.

After the rehearsal, the Bayi Aerobatics Team received huge positive response from Pakistani residents; almost every Chinese pilot at the Quetta airport was surrounded by Pakistani soldiers and civilians asking for group photo or autograph.

"This is the first time that I watched the performance of the PLA Air Force. I was stunned at their accuracy and cooperation during the aerobatic flight. It was amazing," said a military official of the Pakistani Air Force, adding that the performance was fabulous considering that the Bayi Aerobatics Team was performing in Pakistan for the first time and wasn't very familiar with the site.

"I was satisfied with the performance today. The weather is good, the Pakistani audiences are amazing, and our pilots are marvelous. The rehearsal achieved the expected goal and I look forward to doing better at the formal performance," Li Bin, deputy leader of the Bayi Aerobatics Team, said after the performance.

"It's a challenge for us as we never flew in a high-altitude mountainous area before," said Wei Guoyi, chief of staff of the Bayi Aerobatics Team.

According to Wei, the Quetta airport is at the altitude of more than 1,600 meters surrounded by high mountains, which is a test for the pilots that had to perform low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude flight and makes it harder to perceive the aerial position in the sky and control the plane movement.

"The aerobatic flight today is successful. I'm proud of my comrades-in-arms", he added.


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