Frigate Yuncheng participates in IMMSAREX search-and-rescue drill

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

BAY OF BENGAL, Nov. 29 (ChinaMil) -- The International Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (IMMSAREX) of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) entered the actual-combat drill stage with twenty participating ships from nine countries on Tuesday.

According to the drill plan, the Chinese PLA Navy's guided-missile frigate Yuncheng (Hull 571) and five naval vessels from other countries participated in the plane crash search-and-rescue exercise.

On the background of a Boeing 747 passenger aircraft missing in the Bay of Bengal, six warships participating in the search-and-rescue mission were divided into three groups of two and were respectively responsible for searching a sea area of 30 nautical miles in length and 9 nautical miles in width.

The Chinese frigate Yuncheng and the Bangladesh corvette Shadhinota were in the same group.

Chinese frigate Yuncheng arrived at a search spot about 113 nautical miles southwest of the tourist city of Cox's Bazar and started the search-and-rescue operation in parallel with the Bangladesh corvette Shadhinota.

Chinese frigate Yuncheng used such equipment as navigation radar, infrared imager, glimmer night vision, searchlights and so on in the searching operation.

Bangladesh liaison officer said that the Chinese Navy had participated in the search-and-rescue mission of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the Chinese frigate Yuncheng has advanced performance, which is of great help in completing the drill successfully.


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