Chinese Frigate Yuncheng embarks on home voyage after S&R drill

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

BAY OF BENGAL, Dec. 1 (ChinaMil) -- The International Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (IMMSAREX) of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) wrapped up Wednesday in waters of Bengal Bay.

The Chinese PLA Navy's guided-missile frigate Yuncheng (Hull 571) participated in the two-day exercise and headed for home on Wednesday.

During the exercise, 20 naval vessels from nine countries participated respectively in the drills of search and rescue of crashed plane, rescuing merchant ship on fire, and search and rescue of missing fishing boat in groups.

The Chinese frigate Yunchang participated in the drill of searching for and rescuing crashed plane with five other vessels from Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.

Rear Admiral Wang Houbin, chief of staff of the PLA Navy's South China Sea Fleet and head of the Chinese delegation to the symposium, said that through the multilateral maritime search and rescue exercise, participating navies have strengthened friendship and deepened understanding with each other, which is important for jointly maintaining maritime security.

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