China-UK AI collaboration sees bright future


Around twenty miles outside the center of London on an unassuming industrial estate, one of the UK and Europe’s biggest robot suppliers is busy packing robots and robot parts. It's a bustling and slightly chaotic workplace for a small but growing team.

Robots of London supplies various robots, which are sourced from China, Japan, and Russia among other places. The company was founded just two years ago by Adam Kushner, who told CGTN that he realized following a business trip to Japan, “that it was something that in the future, at some point, people would want.”

Having seen much of the competition, the supplier this year also decided to work on its own robot. Alfie, a somewhat life-like looking face on a robotic human body, is a work in progress, but it is hoped that one day he could compete with the robots being imported from Asia and beyond.

Robot parts lying around the Robots of London office. /CGTN Photo

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