Jilin Daily: Don't over-interpret its special page on nuclear weapons

China Military Online
Zhang Tao

BEIJING, Dec. 7 (ChinaMil) -- Jilin Daily, the most influential newspaper in northeast China's Jilin province, used a full page in its Wednesday edition to publish general knowledge of nuclear weapons and nuclear attack protection, sparking much attention from the society.

The Jilin Daily and the Jilin Provincial Civil Defense Office responded that the special page was a normal and routine behavior on public education of national defense, and before this special page, Jilin Daily had published several articles on civil defense.

The Jilin Daily’s Dec. 6 publication devoted Page 5 to "civil defense knowledge". The main part of the piece was titled "General Knowledge on Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Attacks Protection ", accompanied by cartoons illustrating how to clear up radioactive contamination and an article talking about what a wartime air strike and peacetime disaster have in common.

This special page has triggered much conjecture.

In response, responsible officials of the Jilin Daily said that at the beginning of this year, the Jilin Provincial Civil Defense Office decided to cooperate with the Jilin Daily on a serial publicity of national defense education and safety knowledge.

Previously, Jilin Daily has already published articles about general knowledge of civil air defense, protective measures against nuclear attack and civil air defense works, the articles and cartoons published on the Wednesday edition was part of the serial publicity.

According to the Jilin Provincial Civil Defense Office, an important part of its duty is to popularize disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge, including knowledge of nuclear-biological-chemical protection, the Jilin Daily's special page was part of the normal national defense education and readers mustn't read too much into it.

it is a normal practice in many countries to spread nuclear civil protection knowledge through media channels, and in this regard, China lags far behind, said Xu Yucheng, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Civil Defense Office.

He also noted that the related contents published on Jilin Daily is just "elementary knowledge" and shouldn't be over interpreted.


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