China finishes training of UN peacekeeping staff officers

Zhang Tao

BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Defense concluded its two-week training sessions for United Nations (UN) international peacekeeping staff officers in Beijing on Friday.

A total of 40 trainers and trainees from 23 international organizations and countries, including China, Bangladesh and Switzerland, took part in the training, the second such event held in China.

The sessions, all held in English, consisted of theories, expertise and exercises on peacekeeping, such as protection of civilians, cross-cultural communication, command and control, and crisis response.

The UN peacekeeping staff officers are mainly in charge of intelligence, combat, communications, and training tasks in peacekeeping missions and hold organizing, planning, coordinating and commanding roles.

Currently, the UN has deployed over 1,800 military observers and staff officers, including 87 from China, in 16 peacekeeping mission areas.

To date, China has dispatched more than 36,000 peacekeeping personnel, and the country has acted as a major peacekeeping force and contributor of funds for UN peacekeeping missions.


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