"Terrorism is common threat": Russia, China conduct joint combat drills

Russian Times
Zhang Tao

Members of the Russian National Guard and Chinese Armed Police have carried out joint military exercises in the Chinese city of Yinchuan.

In a series of tactical training exercises on Tuesday, the law enforcement agencies of the two nations practiced various combat drills, with armored vehicles and explosives also featuring.

Servicemen from Russian Special Forces units and the assault anti-terrorist detachment group of the Chinese People's Armed Police practiced descending from a helicopter and entering and clearing a building. They were also involved in a knife defense drill, and exercised hand-to-hand combat.

Titled ‘Cooperation-2017’, the military games are mainly aimed at perfecting anti-terrorist tactics. The drills are part of a series of joint Russian-Chinese law enforcement exercises to counter global threats.

"We aim to practice cooperation and mutual understanding between our military personnel, to deal with the issues that the entire international community is facing," a member of the Russian National Guard told RT's Ruptly agency. "Terrorism is our common threat," he added, saying that more joint drills are planned to be held on a regular basis and "on a larger scale."


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