Japanese tank: a failed show of strength

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
Cartoon by Wu Zhifeng

BEIJING, Dec. 22 (ChinaMil) -- With three pretty girls standing by, the gun turret turned slowly with half a glass of champagne on it.

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) recently opened its barracks to the public and performed a "stunt" of putting a goblet on the turret while it's firing. But the goblet fell on the ground, breaking not only itself but also the legend about the superior combat ability of Japan's Type 10 Main Battle Tank.

As is known to all, the artillery stability is closely related to the hit rate of shells. The "stunt" of putting a goblet on the gun turret was first used by Germany's Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, aiming to demonstrate the stability of the Tank's gun turret.

But the imitation of JGSDF this time is so awkward. Its parody error broke the halo around Japanese tank and made it a laughing stock.

The Type-10 tank, produced by Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is equipped with a gas-hydraulic suspension system that boasts the best maneuverability in complicated road conditions.

But what is its combat capability like? In August 2015, the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) invited a large audience and media to watch an exercise at a military training base near Mt. Fuji, during which, a Type-10 tank's crawler belt suddenly fell off and had to wait for assistance under the eyes of audience.

It's funny. The JSDF's every show of its military strength always ends in fiasco.


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