PLA Air Force confers honorary plaque to families of pilots

China Military Online

JINAN, Dec. 28 (ChinaMil) -- The PLA Air Force held a special ceremony in Jinan, capital city of Shandong province on December 26 to confer commemorative plagues for flight rating to hundreds of new pilots and honorary plaques to their families.

It is the first time for the PLA Air Force to confer the honorary plaque to pilots’ families in its 68-year history.

Lieut. Gen. Ma Zhenjun, deputy commander of the PLA Air Force, said at the ceremony that the Air Force will confer each year since 2017 plaques to honor the families of pilots obtaining their first pilot rating.

This year, hundreds of new Air Force pilots were rated the Pilot 3rd Grade. At the ceremony held in Jinan on Tuesday, these new pilots were conferred a plague commemorating their first flight rating, and their families were conferred an honorary plaque.

"Perfecting the pilots’ honor system is an important measure to enhance the Air Force's soft power," said Wang Mingzhi, associate professor at the PLA Air Force Command College.

In recent years, the "hard power" of the PLA Air Force has been greatly strengthened with a group of cutting-edge weapons including the J-20 fighter and the Y-20 transport aircraft put into service, and the improvement of the "soft power" have kept the same pace with the promotion of the "hard power".



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