Features of Chinese military recruits born after 2000

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Zhang Tao

BEIJING, Jan. 10 (ChinaMil) -- The new soldiers recruited in 2017 by the Beijing Contingent of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (APF) completed their three-month military training and will now head to their assigned troops. They will be responsible for performing duties and dealing with emergencies in the key areas of Beijing.

It is the first time that people born after the year of 2000 have joined the military. Those "Post-2000s" have tags including "netizen", "like to order delivery food", "mobile phone game lover" and "live-streaming fan".

These military recruits like to ask a lot of questions, and definitely have internet habits. They are always accessing live-streaming, mobile games and music. They have distinct personalities and a wide range of interests. Their arrival has brought a brand new atmosphere to the military.

Love to ask questions

One of the characteristics of these military recruits born after the year of 2000 is that they like to ask questions. Jiang Heji, a battalion leader of the APF Beijing Contingent, born after the 1980s, said he was surprised when he first heard the question, "Why does our quilt have to be stacked like a tofu piece?" During five years of Jiang’s military service, no one has ever asked this question. "We all obeyed unconditionally in the training. No one asked why," said Jiang.

But soon, he received the second question and the third question: "Why do we have to wear our clothes inside the pants?" "Why do we have to sing before we can eat?" "Why can't we blink while standing at attention?"

"They have a lot of thoughts on everything," Jiang said. This is not the same for soldiers born after the 1980s and the 1990s.

Jiang still remembered when he first joined the army, he never said no to his squad leader and never thought about why. The soldiers born after the 1990s he trained had doubts in their eyes but did not express them in words. However, the"Post-2000s" military recruits like to understand why before they do.

Company commander Yu Jian who is responsible for 16 squads has been asked a lot of questions by the"Post-2000s" military recruits.

"The most frequently asked question is why the quilt has to be stacked like a tofu piece,"said Yu. Every time he would explain to new recruits that "quilts are the most basic embodiment of barracks' living standards and the process can also train one's patience."

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