Features of Chinese military recruits born after 2000

China Military Online
Zhang Tao



Born in moderately well-off families

The parents of these "Post-2000s" provide the best for their children and therefore they have a moderately well-off life and have a wide range of interests.

They are generally of higher individual qualities. Many of them are enlisted for military academies. Some of them are university students and joined the army because of policies that outstanding university student soldiers can be directly promoted to officers.

"When I first arrived, I was definitely not used to it," said Jiang Yifan when finding out there were only beds and tables and the schedule in the dormitory.

Shi Haolv couldn’t get used to the time limit on eating in the beginning. However, he found that these restrictions are nothing compared with military training.

For Jiang, the most unforgettable thing was dropping down to the ground and crawling forward during training. "Those soldiers on television have handsome moves, but there are prices to pay," Jiang said.

Shi has a lot of memories of field training. During the training, the new recruits were carrying 15 kg of equipment including quilts and jugs. With boots as heavy as 1 kg, they had to walk 90 km within 3 days. Shi had a large blood bubble on the first day and he preferred to pick the bubble to continue the training than get into an ambulance. "I would feel like a loser if I sat in that ambulance," said Shi.

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