Features of Chinese military recruits born after 2000

China Military Online
Zhang Tao



Learn to show initiative

These new recruits received their phones before leaving the military training camp at where they spent three months.

Instead of logging into his mobile game account, the first thing Yang Ruiyan did was to have a video call with his mother.

"Son, you lost some weight and became black," his mother said. Yang put his head to one side as tears were spinning in the eyes. He told the reporter that during the training, every call with his mother was less than two minutes because he was unable to control his emotions.

Before, Yang had almost no time to communicate with his parents at home. Every time his parents told him to eat, he rushed to the dining table and immediately returned to the game world. Compared with his parents, he preferred to communicate with the netizens on the screen, and now he finally understands his parents' love for him.

Jiang said that he will take the initiative to do house work when he gets home. In the past, when his mother was cleaning the floor, he naturally just raised his feet. "Now I felt very embarrassed," said him. The time in the military barracks taught him how to take the initiative to do the right things.

Camp instructor Mao Shichao told the reporter that "Post-2000s" military recruits have strong senses of independent thinking and distinctive personalities. They grasp content that interests them particularly fast, but if they are not interested they don’t care too much. They like to explore the reason for things before doing them.


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