Major joint exercises between Chinese and foreign militaries in 2017

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Zhang Tao



Chinese-Russian "Joint Sea - 2017" exercise

Keywords: First cooperation with Russian Baltic Fleet, submarine rescue

Chinese-Russian "Joint Sea - 2017" exercise was conducted in two stages. The first stage was carried at the Baltic Sea from Jul. 21 to 28, 2017.

This was the first time the "Joint Sea" exercise was held at the Baltic Sea. Chinese guided-missile destroyer Hefei, frigate Yuncheng and comprehensive supply ship Luoma Lake sailed to Baltiysk of Russia to carry out joint exercises with the Russian Baltic Fleet in the southeastern waters of the Baltic Sea.

Subjects of the drill covered joint air defense, VBSS and maritime search and rescue. This was the first time for the Chinese navy to hold large-scale joint exercise with the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea area.

The second stage took place from Sept. 18 to 25 in the waters of the Sea of Japan between Peter the Great Gulf and Sea of Okhotsk in the Sea of Japan.

This was the first time the "Joint Sea" military exercise series was held in the Sea of Okhotsk. The Chinese naval destroyer Shijiazhuang, frigate Daqing, comprehensive supply ship Dongping Lake and submarine rescue ship Changdao and the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet participated in the exercise covering subjects including submarine rescue, joint anti-submarine, joint air defense, joint anti-ship and joint anti-terrorism.

Since 2012, a normalization mechanism of the Chinese-Russian "Joint Sea" exercise has been established. As the highest manifestation of China-Russia all-round strategic partnership of cooperation in the military field and the most important annual military activity in the framework of the bilateral relations, all previous series of "Joint Sea" military exercises have attracted attention from around the world.


China-Pakistan "Shaheen-VI" joint air training exercise

Keywords: First joint night confrontation training with Pakistan in the Chinese territory

The China-Pakistan "Shaheen-VI" joint air training exercise has set records in the following areas. This was the first joint nighttime confrontation training with Pakistani troops in China. It was also the first near-combat operations and the first live-fire shooting during the training period. It was the first time that naval aviations forces and special operations forces from airborne troops participated in the training. It was the first confrontation drill among Chinese and Pakistani pilots.

Compared with previous exercises, the troops and the elements of "Shaheen-VI" have increased, and the combat system construction has been improved.

Chinese Air Force Spokesperson Shen Jinke said that both the Chinese and Pakistani troops improved the all-weather combat capabilities and demonstrated excellent actual combat capabilities and fighting style of the pilots of the two countries through night-time training.

The exercise marks that the military exchanges between the two air forces continues to move forward to higher levels.

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