Putin says Russia's weapon quality reaches world top tier

Huang Panyue

Russian President Vladimir Putin said here Thursday that Russia's combat efficiency and quality of weapons can be ranked the best in the world, which ensures the country's safety.

"Developments of the past years have shown that we are in the top tier in the world in combat readiness and in the quality of armaments and military equipment. Today we can say with full confidence that Russia's security is guaranteed," Putin said at a gala evening held in the Kremlin Palace in honor of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a major Russian national holiday on February 23.

Russia will continue its efforts in enhancing its defense capacity in all its components, including reinforcing the capabilities and resources of strategic nuclear deterrence as well as promoting effective development of special and general-purpose units and formations, Putin said.

"We rely on the potential of our defense-industrial complex, its best enterprises and the achievements of research and development centers. They have already proved their worth and global competitiveness," he said.

Putin praised Russian servicemen who participated and are participating in military operations in Syria, which showed that they have been well-trained and committed to their duty with dignity, resolution and courage to the end.

Russia started participating in the military operation in Syria in September 2015 at the invitation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


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