Chinese peacekeeping guard detachment to Mali passes 3rd UN equipment inspection

China Military Online
Zhang Tao

GAO, MALI, Feb. 26 (ChinaMil) -- The 5th Chinese peacekeeping guard detachment to Mali successfully passed the third UN equipment inspection on Feb. 24, local time, a confirmation that all its facilities and equipment comply with the UN standards.

The UN inspection team, consisting of four officials, inspected the number of materials and the performance of vehicles of the Chinese peacekeeping guard detachment in light of actual combat standards. They spoke highly of the performance of the Chinese detachment’s equipment and materials.

The UN equipment inspection is usually conducted every three months. It is a comprehensive assessment of whether the major peacekeeping facilities and equipment provided by the troop-contributing countries can meet the requirements of peacekeeping. It serves as the fundamental basis for the troop-contributing countries to obtain economic compensation from the UN.

It is learnt that members of the 5th Chinese peacekeeping guard detachment guard have learned the maintenance skills of over 20 kinds of equipment in accordance with the features of the mission area in order to pass the inspection with excellent results.


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