Chinese soldiers told: don’t forget your moisturiser

The Times
Yao Jianing
Masks offer soldiers some protection against the elements — but a good moisturiser is essential, a Communist Party official says REUTERS

Source: The Times

Chinese soldiers have been urged to smear their faces with moisturiser to encourage wellbeing in the ranks.The People’s Liberation Army Daily, China’s state-owned military newspaper, urged servicemen to protect their skin from the sun and the cold and added: “It’s not being sissy to use skin care products when necessary.” The message is intended to encourage soldiers to reject sneers from their compatriots in a field where a man’s ability to endure hardship is particularly prized.

The newspaper told the tale of a platoon commander called Luan Xueliang who arrived at the western frontier of Xinjiang and was stunned to see soldiers applying various skin care products to their faces. “How come today’s soldiers are so sissy,” he demanded, adding that his own grooming routine involved only a bar of soap.

He told the newspaper: “Men should focus their attention on training, not on their face. Only women have so many bottles of skin care products. True handsomeness is only carved by the wind and the frost.”However, Zhang Wenjie, a political official, corrected him: “There’s nothing wrong to cultivate the right dispositions in a soldier on the premise of sound health concepts. It should not come at the cost of the soldiers’ health.”

Without adequate facial protection, soldiers suffer wind burn and blisters from the sun, he told the platoon leader.

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