Russian expert: China and Russia will not form military alliance but will jointly resist US hegemony

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Yao Jianing

"This is not a cold war. It is an ice battle," said a Russian parliamentarian as American anti-Russian action intensifies.

While focusing on the struggle between the US and Russia, American media also mentioned China.

"China and Russia are publicly heralding a new age of diplomacy between the two countries, at a time when both are being targeted by the US," Cable News Network (CNN) reported on Apr. 6.

CNN reported that the Chinese defense minister and foreign minister have both visited Russia lately. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was quoted as saying relations between the two countries was at "the best level in history." China and Russia both have reasons to push back against the US, said Richard McGregor, senior fellow at the Lowy Institute in Australia.

The Associated Press (AP) said that Russia and China unanimously condemn US unilateralism and that shows that the two countries are getting closer and closer when it comes to global issues.

Voice of America (VOA) reported on Apr. 6 that while the US relations with China and Russia are both deteriorating, China’s relationship with Russia is improving.

J. Stapleton Roy, former American assistant secretary of state, said that US policy makers should neither exaggerate the degree of convergence of China-Russian interests nor ignore the major factors that have moved China and Russia toward cooperation.

Roy believed that the US should use diplomatic means to reduce the impact of China-Russian solidarity on the interests of the US. The strategic cooperation between the two major powers of China and Russia is playing an increasingly important role in maintaining international order and regional stability while the US pursues unilateralism and undermines international rules.

Russian News Agency TASS quoted Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, as saying that China and Russia will not form a military alliance but will jointly resist US hegemony.

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