Chinese aircraft carrier formation stages cross-region exercises

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

ABOARD LIAONING AIRCRAFT CARRIER, April 24 (ChinaMil) -- A Chinese naval flotilla headed by the aircraft carrier Liaoning conducted Sunday confrontation drills in a water of the East China Sea with shore-based warplanes and submarines of the PLA Navy.

The Liaoning, several guided-missile destroyers, guided-missile frigates and dozens of aircraft including ship-based J-15 fighters and helicopters of multi-types, which together form the aircraft carrier battle group, have carried out combat training exercises in the Western Pacific, South China Sea and East China Sea in the past days in a row.

In the ship-to-air training exercise between the carrier battle group and fighters from a shore-based naval aviation combat unit on Sunday, the ship-borne and airborne radar systems of the carrier battle group built an effective reconnaissance and early-warning system and air defense firepower network.

During the exercise, several J-15 fighter jets took off from the aircraft carrier Liaoning to intercept fighters of the shore-based naval aviation troops. At the same time, the destroyers and frigates guarding the perimeter of the carrier battle group also launched anti-aircraft missiles against the incoming targets.

In the drill of breaking through the "enemy" submarine blockade, the carrier battle group used a variety of detection methods to locate the submarines and successfully passed the submarine ambush zone.

The carrier battle group conducted its first combat exercise in an unidentified area east of the Bashi Channel, the western Pacific on Friday and Saturday, with guided missile destroyers Ji'nan and Changchun acting as its rivals, the PLA Navy said in a statement on Saturday.

In the training exercises staged in the South China Sea since the PLA Navy held the fleet review on April 12, the carrier battle group engaged in reconnaissance, early warning, electronic countermeasures and strikes against air, surface and land targets and submarines, said a statement from the navy on April 17.



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