Afghan forces retake Bilchiragh district

Li Jiayao

MAIMANA, Afghanistan, May 10 (Xinhua) -- Afghan security forces have succeeded in retaking control of the restive Bilchiragh district in the northern Faryab province, after one day of collapse of the district to the militants' hand, an official said Thursday.

"Taliban militants have been defeated in Bilchiragh district after units of Special Forces launched overnight offensive, forcing militants to run away which resulted in full recapture of the district today morning," Mohammad Hanif Rezai, the spokesman of 209-Shaheen military corps in the northern region told Xinhua.

Taliban militants took control of Bilchiragh district on Tuesday night and both sides have suffered in the fierce fighting for the control of the restive district over the past couple of days.

Militants loyal to the Taliban outfit have yet to make comment on the situation in Bilchiragh district.


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