Chinese naval escort ship arrives at Oman for replenishment

China Military Online
Yao Jianing

By Zhang Qian and Li Ronggui

SALALAH, June 19 (ChinaMil) -- The guided-missile frigate Xuzhou (Hull 530) of the 29th Chinese naval escort taskforce arrived at the Port of Salalah Port on June 16 for a five-day in-port rest and replenishment. It was the second round of in-port replenishment for the frigate since performing its escorting missions.

The frigate Xuzhou arrived at the Port of Salalah at about 9 a.m. in the morning and berthed at Dock No. 35 where it was replenished with supplies including fuel, fresh water, vegetables and fruits.

In addition to logistic replenishment and equipment maintenance, sailors and crew aboard the ship would take turns to have a rest before continuing their mission. Moreover, they would visit local scenery as well as cultural and historical sites.

Since it was deployed to waters off Somalia in the Gulf of Aden to conduct escorting missions, the 29th Chinese naval escort taskforce had escorted and ensured the safety of 17 merchant ships in 10 batches.

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