Taiwan officer announces retirement: As a Chinese, I refuse to fight for “separatism”

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

An army officer in Taiwan announced on social media that he chose to retire from the army. “The ridiculous Taiwan authorities are no longer worthy of being protected, so I choose to retire. As a Chinese, I refuse to fight for ‘separatism’ ”, said the young officer, according to reports from the Haiwainet on Tuesday.

Taiwan’s army officer QiuYuhong posted on social media on July 12 that he had chosen to join the army because he believed that Taiwan would develop better and better, and the people of Taiwan would lead a happy life.

“For this faith, I am willing to guard Taiwan, guard the vast majority of people in Taiwan, and sacrifice for Taiwan. However, the separatism course pursued by pro-independence forces in Taiwan makes all of this meaningless,” Qiu said.

Qiu pointed out that, “Separatist force advocating Taiwan independence is clinging to power and destroying all the foundation and spirit. They take Taiwan to the edge of the cliff and declare that they can fly.”

Qiu said that he is a grown-up and in fact, he also knows that he should listen to others' persuasion and treat this in a calm manner. He could have chosen an ordinary life by simply working for the government.

However, he said that he could not stop thinking about the absurdity of the "Tsai Ing-wen administration". The series of measures to deal with cross-Strait relations and pension reforms for civil servants, teachers and military personnel by the Taiwan authorities disappointed him deeply. So he chose to retire.

"Nowadays, the Taiwan authorities are not worthy of being protected. As a Chinese, I refuse to fight for ‘separatism’,” Qiu said.

According to Taiwan media, the Taiwan people’s recognition of the “1992 Consensus” has been rising in recent times as a result of the implementation of a series of preferential policies for Taiwan compatriots by Chinese mainland.

Lin Ziyong, a Taiwan primary school student, made it clear that she came from Taiwan Province of the People’s Republic of China, when introducing herself a few days ago.

According to a survey conducted among Taiwan people with indicators showing people’s popular feelings by Global Views Research, the number of Taiwan people who support reunification hit a record high of ten years while the proportion of Taiwan people who support “Taiwan independence” reached a new low of ten years.

Qiu’s remarks, namely “As a Chinese, I refuse to fight for ‘separatism’”, had a strong resonance among netizens across the Taiwan Strait. These netizens spoke highly of Qiu and hoped that there could be more and more young officers like Qiu in Taiwan, according to reports by Wu Shenglin of the Straits Herald.


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