PN: China donates four patrol boats to help AFP in modernization efforts

Manila Bulletin
Yao Jianing

Source: Manila Bulletin

The Philippine Navy (PN) Sunday said China has recently donated four patrol boats to help the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in modernization efforts.

In a statement, Navy spokesman Commodore Jonathan Zata said the four units of patrol boats came with 30 units of Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Launcher (40MM) with corresponding ammunition.

The equipment was sent during the third week of this month.

Zata ssid the equipment provided are being assessed as to “How this can be integrated within the organization and supported in the long term in terms of logistics”.

“Likewise we have assigned personnel to train on its operation and maintenance,” Zata said.

For his part, Department of National Defense (DND) spokesman Arsenio Andolong said these assets are part of China’s US$14-million grant to the Philippines.

“Ir is (also) a manifestation of the warming relations between our two countries,” he said.

President Duterte earlier said he is inclined to seek military assistance from China rather than the United States if a full-blown war against terrorists erupts in Mindanao,

The President said he could rely on China’s help since it is closer to the Philippines, and he expressed doubts the United States would rush to the country’s aid.

Duterte recalled the government recently tried to purchase weapons from the US but the sale was halted due to the opposition by some lawmakers. “The President and Congress seem to be in parity, not co-equal. They are really in parity of powers,” he said.

China, on the other hand, provides weapons to the Philippines for free amid improving ties between the two nations.

China previously offered more than P500 million worth of military equipment to augment the Philippine arsenal in battling Islamic State-linked militants.

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