China ranked highest in "Seaborne Assault" survival trail event

Li Jiayao

FUZHOU, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Team China Friday ranked the highest in the survival trail event of the International Army Games 2018 "Seaborne Assault."

During the two-day survival trail, China's marine squads won the top three places, among a total of 13 squads from Iran, Russia, Sudan, Venezuela, and China.

The marine squads underwent a four-kilometer armed march through obstacles such as anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wire and tunnels, before completing shooting tasks and carrying "wounded" team members to the finishing line.

China's marine squads took the top three places, with times of 28:39, 30:54, and 30:57, respectively. China's overall results also ranked first, according to the council of referees.

All the five countries unanimously agreed upon the results and signed the meeting summary.

Xu Xiaofei, a Chinese competitor who was awarded the honorary title "best sniper" during the "Seaborne Assault" in 2016, continued to perform well this year.

Xu emerged as the only competitor who hit all the shots at the survival trial event in 2018.

Rafael Paz, a competitor from Venezuela, dropped by the Chinese team's rest area to offer his congratulations. "You had a good race," Paz said. "On the field we are enemies, but off the field we are brothers."

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