Chinese military personnel head over exercises of SCO through Kazakhstan

Li Jiayao
Main photo: press service of Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan


Units of the Chinese People's Liberation Army head over Chebarkul Polygon in the Chelyabinsk Oblast of the Russian Federation by railway trains through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of the preparation for the joint anti-terrorist headquarter exercises of the SCO member states under the name of Peaceful Mission-2018, correspondent reports with a reference to the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

The units pass the route of Dostyk-Aktogay-Ayagoz-Aul-Lokot, then they pass the territory of Russia. China's troops will be accompanied by the guard in Regional Command East.

It was earlier reported that in the training Peaceful Mission, more than 3000 military personnel of the SCO member states would take part: India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and more than 500 weapons and military vehicles.

Following the exercises, it is planned to drill joint actions of the Armed Forces of the member states in case of the seizure of power by terrorists or that of a part of the territory of one of the member states. Military troops of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan are planned to be deployed to the site of exercises on August 18 of the present year.

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