Chinese peacekeepers provide free clinic in Lebanon

Li Jiayao

BEIRUT, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon carried out a free clinic on Sunday, China's first Medical Workers' Day, winning praises from local residents.

Nine medical workers, from a hospital affiliated with the multifunctional engineer unit of the 17th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent to Lebanon, provided volunteer consultation and lectures explaining in detail how to prevent common diseases.

During the lectures, the doctors also communicated with the residents, and demonstrated emergency treatment methods for common injuries, including burns, snake and worm bites, and emergency trauma.

"Thank you very much for what you have done. You spent the rest time to provide medical assistance to us, and tried your best to help us reduce the pain of the disease," said Amina, a local resident, during the treatment.

Zhang Leilei, head of the hospital, said that after the free clinic, the hospital will continue to increase its participation in humanitarian assistance and cultivate local medical workers.

Since the 17th Chinese Peacekeeping Contingent arrived in Lebanon in May this year, the peacekeepers have contacted local clinics in surrounding villages, and provided free treatment to nearly 1,300 local residents with free medicine.

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