Fijian Navy officers receive scholarship to study in China

The Fiji Times
Huang Panyue
From left: Fiji Navy Commander Captain Humphrey Tawake, Mid-Shipment Samuela Logavatu, Mid-Shipment Esita Batiniqila and Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo after the scholarship announcement today. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE


Source: The Fiji Times

TWO navy officers have received a four year scholarship this morning from the Chinese Government to study in China.

Mid-Shipment Esita Batiniqila and Mid-Shipment Samuela Logavatu will leave for China on Monday, September 17 to study Junior Course in Naval Ship Service Command and Naval Military Science.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo highlighted that the military corporation is an integral part of Fiji and China’s bilateral relationship.

Mr Bo said the two officers after studying in China will be able to see the great changes taking place in being able to serve the country.

He added that the Chinese Government would continue to support Fiji in the years to come.

Fiji Navy Commander Captain Humphrey Tawake said they were focused on how one developed professionally not only in the military forces but with what the environment provides.

Mr Tawake said the two officers were fortunate to be given the opportunity to study in China in engineering and command navigation which would be an added value to the Navy.

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