Chinese peacekeepers conduct medical examinations for students in southern Lebanon

Huang Panyue

A Chinese medical team working with the Chinese peace-keeping troops at the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on Wednesday conducted medical examinations for students of an Orthodox school in southern Lebanon.

The Chinese medical team also donated school bags and stationery to students in Lebanon's southern town of Marjeyoun.

"The medical and educational help comes within the framework of the Chinese battalion's program in helping civilians in southern Lebanon," Luo Maohua, an official responsible for the field hospital for the Chinese battalion in Marjeyoun District, told Xinhua.

Around 130 students, aged between five and 12, and 28 teachers will receive medical examinations, Luo said.

Ziad Abla, the school director, expressed gratitude to the Chinese battalion for providing assistance for his school.

Similar activities in other areas in southern Lebanon are expected in coming weeks following the two-day medical examinations at the Orthodox school.

The UN Security Council established the UNIFIL on March 19, 1978 to monitor the withdrawal of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon. Its mandate was expanded following the 2006 Lebanon War.

Since 2006, China has maintained a peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon as a part of the UNIFIL, tasked with missions such as mine-sweeping, project construction, medical rescue and humanitarian assistance.


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