Feature: Worldwide elite snipers enhance friendships, sharpen combat experiences

Chen Zhuo

BEIJING, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Standing close to 60 meters away, Gyori Roland, Hungary's sniper team captain, fired two shots at two 3mm-diameter glass tubes, breaking both.

He was awarded a Chinese sword named after the Yellow Emperor, regarded as the ancestor of the Chinese nation.

Roland is a sniper participating in the "Sharp Blade" 2018 International Sniping Competition.

Held from Oct. 18 to 22 by the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (PAP), the competition attracted over 100 outstanding snipers from 21 countries, including China, Belarus, Hungary, and Israel.

Focusing on the characteristics of counter-terrorism operation, the competition consisted of 12 events including lurk sniping and short-distance precision sniping.

The short-distance precision sniping targets were the two above-mentioned tubes, under which the sword was hung. If the sniper can hit both tubes within 35 seconds, the sword will drop and be awarded to the participant.

"I have participated in many similar international competitions, and the Chinese one is the most challenging," said Roland.

Roland's family was delighted after he shared the exciting news with them. The experienced sniper told Xinhua he would showcase this special gift after he returned to Hungary.

Wang Jie, a sniper from PAP Xinjiang Corps, was sweaty after he walked off the field of scouting and target-judging sniping.

In this event, Wang and his teammate Li Zhengrong had to sneak through a five-meter-long drainage pipe to the firing line.

They were then required to judge the target location via real-time transmitted video from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) above the field. The interval between their shots must be less than one second.

The event is a great test on the shooter to utilize the battlefield, judge targets swiftly and accurately, and fire a precise shot, Wang added.

"We enhance our capacity here through learning from each other and exchanging views with our worldwide counterparts," said Shamsuddin Rozikov from Tajikistan.

Contestants from all the participating countries, through the competition, have deepened their mutual understanding and professional and personal friendships.

Vietnam dispatched a four-member team this year. "The atmosphere of the competition is really nice, and the performance of the Chinese team is strong," said team captain Vu Toan Thang.

"I am very interested and motivated to participate this year," said Vu, adding he hopes Vietnam can send more people to the competition in the future.

Team Netherlands came to China for the first time. The team leader, Captain Maarten Helder, was intrigued by all the events. "If you train in events like this, you'll do better in a real war."

"The competition is well organized, and we are warmly welcomed by our Chinese counterparts," said Helder.

This competition aims to build a platform, enabling counter-terrorism forces from various countries to learn from each other, progress together and strengthen their friendship, said Zhang Xiaoqi, director of the intelligence bureau of the PAP Staff Department.

Zhang added that the events also aim to further enhance capacity building for counter-terrorism operations and continuously improve the professional qualities of snipers as well as their real combat capacity.



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