Xu Qiliang meets with Australian defense officials

Li Jiayao

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Xu Qiliang, a vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, said on Tuesday that China and Australia should deepen practical cooperation and add positive elements to the steady development of bilateral ties.

Xu made the remarks when meeting with Australia's Chief of the Defense Force Angus Campbell and Secretary of the Department of Defense Greg Moriarty, who were on a visit to Beijing to attend the 21st Defense Strategic Consultation between the two countries.

Xu said the common interests shared by China and Australia -- two countries with neither historical animosity nor fundamental conflict of interest -- outweighed their contradictions and differences. When handling bilateral ties, the two sides should consider the history, think in big-picture terms and see things in the light of their development.

A new approach should be explored for bilateral relations, in which the two countries can respect each other, seek common ground while reserving differences and achieve cooperation and win-win results, said Xu.

Xu spoke highly of the steady advancement the two sides have made in recent years in high-level mutual visits between the two militaries, consultation and dialogue, personnel exchange and joint exercises and training.

Xu also expressed his hope that the two sides can meet each other half way, enhance communication and mutual trust, manage differences and deepen practical cooperation, so as to add positive elements to the steady development of bilateral relations.

Campbell and Moriarty said the Australian side was committed to pushing forward bilateral dialogue and communication between the two militaries, and the two sides should work together to promote the advancement of relations between the two countries and their militaries.

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