Macao hosts joint anti-terrorism drill with PLA Macao Garrison

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

By Wang Chenxi and Xing Zhao

MACAO, Nov. 8 (ChinaMil)—The joint anti-terrorism drill codenamed “Gray Dog” was conducted in Macao on Thursday. This is the first joint anti-terrorism actual-combat drill between the PLA Macao Garrison and Macao’s security force.

Macao’s Unitary Police Service, the PLA Macao Garrison, Macao’s Customs, Public Security Police Force, Judiciary Police, Firefighters, Health Bureau, Government Information Bureau, and Sports Bureau took part in the drill. The drill went smoothly and achieved the expected results.

Against the backdrop of terrorist attacks and hijack incidents involving chemical weapons and radiological weapons in large public places, the two-hour drill involved more than 900 participants. The scenarios of the drill included hurting people, holding a large number of hostages, making chemical gas pollution, using radioactive explosives, and chasing suspects at sea.

Senior Colonel Zhu Anping, Chief of Staff of the PLA Macao Garrison, said that the participation of PLA officers and soldiers would help to further strengthen professional exchanges and pragmatic cooperation with the Macao security forces, enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two sides, and improve the PLA Macao Garrison’s capability to respond to various security threats.

Macao’s Unitary Police Service said that this drill would strengthen the coordination mechanism of emergency response between the police and the PLA Macao Garrison. In the future, they will continue to maintain a good public security environment in Macao and protect the lives and property of local residents and tourists through conducting appropriate joint drills accordingly.


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