China will promote legislation on Veterans Security Law in 2019

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

BEIJING, Jan. 3 (ChinaMil) -- The Ministry of Veterans Affairs of the People's Republic of China stated on January 2 that the year 2019 will highlight the reform and construction of policy system to provide a reliable systemic guarantee for the sustainable development of the work for veterans.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs will first promote policy and institutional reform, formulate and issue documents on Strengthening the Work for Veterans in the New Era, and redesign the policies and systems for the work related to veterans as a whole.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs will then accelerate the pace of legislation to actively promote the legislation on Veterans Security Law, solicit public opinion at appropriate time, further improve the drafting and amending of Regulations on Compensation and Preferential Treatment for Military Members, Regulations on Martyrs' Commemorations, and Regulations on Resettlement of Veterans, and study and formulate relevant supporting policies and systems to gradually form a comprehensive set of policies and systems.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs will also strengthen research on policy theory and establish a database of experts on policy theory related to the work for veterans, so as to give full play to the role of external expertise and provide theoretical support for the research and formulation of relevant policies, laws, and regulations.


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