Chinese Air Force, CAAC sign strategic agreement on airport support

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Yang Hua and Xiong Huaming

BEIJING, Jan. 9 (ChinaMil) -- The Airport Authority of the PLA Air Force and the Airport Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) signed a strategic framework agreement on airport support techno-sharing and talent co-cultivation on the day before New Year's Day, with the purpose of enhancing the integrated and coordinated support capability of military and civil airports.

Golmud Airport, the only joint-use civilian/military airport in Qinghai Province

According to the agreement, in terms of new technology sharing, the two parties will prioritize the spreading of 26 new technologies in such five fields as airport operation support, safety management, emergency rescue, repair, and maintenance. In terms of joint talent cultivation, the two parties will establish a regular rotating training mechanism, focus on three levels' training including military and civil aviation officials, command and management personnel, and front-line support personnel, and forge a joint personnel training system that covers all realms and professions concerning airport operation and support services.

The agreement also clarifies that the two parties will jointly advance the research of a new airport technologies catalogue, formulate a roadmap for the application of those new technologies, and will give preference to the application of new technological achievements in joint-use civilian/military airports on the basis of ensuring the basic supporting standards of civil and military aviations.

The signing of this framework agreement will lay a solid foundation for the efficient operations support of the civil-military joint-use airports, Air Force's regular use of civil airports, and joint training abroad.


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