A young man who refused to serve in army subject to six punishments

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Li Jiayao

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BEIJING, Jan. 9 (ChinaMil) -- A journalist with Dahe Daily learned from the Conscription Office of central China’s Henan Province on January 7 that a young man surnamed Hu from Linzhou County of Anyang City refused to perform military service after being enlisted and was subjected to six items of punishment by the local conscription office, including interdiction to travel abroad or pursue higher education, interdiction to take part in civil service exams, and interdiction to apply for loans.

It’s learnt that Hu (Han nationality, 20 years old, ID number: 41058119980121xxxx), born in Qiaojiatun Village, Hengshui Town, Linzhou County, was enlisted in September 2018. He submitted application forms for withdrawing from the military three times after joining the army, and was dismissed by the military in accordance with relevant rules and regulations on his refusal to perform military service, after ineffectual persuasion by his serving troop, relevant officials of the People’s Armed Forces Department (PAFD) of Liuzhou County, as well as his family.

According to relevant regulations, the act of Hu was a violation of law. In order to earnestly safeguard the seriousness of the military service system in China as well as to warn and educate young people at conscription age across China, the Conscription Office of Henan Province made up a decision to take the following punishment measures against him:

First, to incorporate him into the list of being seriously discreditable in fulfilling national defense obligations.

Second, to add a perpetual remark—“refusal to serve the army”—in the section of Military Service in his household registration, and forbid him to travel abroad or pursue further education within two years.

Third, to forbid him to participate in the recruitments of civil servants or those subject to the Civil Servant Law within Linzhou County.

Fourth, to cancel his preferential treatment for compulsory servicemen and impose a fine of 36,624 yuan.

Fifth, to take his refusal to perform military service as a typical example of violating China’s military service law, and expose his move and relevant punishment through news media to warn and educate young people at conscription age across the city.

Sixth, to forbid him to go into business within three years and get access to preferential credit policies and preferential interest rates.


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