Promoting a new international maritime order in the globalized era

Chen Zhuo
2019-04-23 11:14:57

We are living in a world undergoing great changes unseen in a century but peace and development remain the theme of our times. Globalization is deepening, while uncertainties and instabilities are getting more prominent. The global governance deficit has become a serious challenge facing humanity. International maritime disputes are becoming increasingly complicated, and non-traditional security threats represented by piracy still exist.

Building a new international maritime order has become all the more urgent. Under these circumstances, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy shoulders the responsibility, actively participating in international maritime security governance. It has made remarkable achievements in promoting the establishment of a new international maritime order in the era of globalization.

Promoting cooperation through dialogue and exchange

Exchanges, mutual trust and cooperation among navies from around the world are crucial to building a new international maritime order. China has always pursued a policy which is purely defensive in nature.

China's second aircraft carrier - Type 001A. /VCG Photo

The Chinese Navy holds the banners of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefits high. It has paid high-level visits to navies of various countries and conducted exchanges and joint military exercises with various fleets so as to deepen its cooperation with these countries.

For example, it has actively participated in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations-China maritime military exercises, the “Peace Mission” series of multilateral maritime joint exercises and other multilateral joint military exercises, with an aim to enhance mutual trust and promote cooperation. The Chinese Navy also actively participates in multilateral naval symposiums such as the Western Pacific Naval Symposium and contributes its wisdom and strength to the promotion of international maritime institutions.

Formulating difference management mechanisms

Formulating difference management mechanisms is the fundamental requirement for building a new international maritime order. The Chinese Navy stands resolutely against the zero-sum mindset, and objects to “gunboat diplomacy.” It adheres to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, stays committed to resolving differences through peaceful means and tries to set up mechanisms with countries in maritime sovereign rights disputes to manage differences.

China has established a joint patrol mechanism in the Beibu Gulf with Vietnam, a naval dialogue mechanism with Indonesia, and initiated consultations with Japan on the establishment of a maritime and air liaison mechanism. These play an important role in maintaining the overall stability of the region.

A regular training of replenishment during flotilla maneuvers on the East China Sea. /CGTN Photo
Besides, the Chinese and American navies have been making continuous efforts to establish the mechanism for the notification of major military activities and The Rules of Behavior for Safety of Air and Maritime Encounters, and effectively implement the bilateral Military Maritime Consultative Agreement. These measures are critical to strengthening strategic communication and managing strategic risks.


Participating in global security governance

Eliminating traditional and non-traditional global maritime security threats and achieving maritime security governance are important goals in building a new international maritime order. In keeping with the global governance principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, the Chinese Navy actively participates in global security governance and vigorously provides public goods in this aspect.

“This is the Chinese naval escort taskforce. Please call me at Channel 16 if you need help.” For more than a decade, this “voice of safety” has been broadcast in Chinese and English in the Gulf of Aden and Somalia. The escort task group in the area has become an important manifestation of China shouldering its responsibility as a major country and dealing with non-traditional security threats.

While the Chinese Navy celebrates its 70th anniversary, it holds a future of even broader space for peace and cooperation. The development of the Chinese Navy promotes the growth of international peace forces. The PLA Navy will bear in mind its mission, live up to the expectations of the country and contribute to world peace. Under the guidance of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Navy will forge ahead for the establishment of a new international maritime order and a community with a shared future for humanity in the era of globalization.


Editor's note: Xiu Mu is an expert in military diplomacy theory. The article reflects the author's opinion, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

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