PLA opens 5G-assisted remote ultrasound clinic in South China Sea

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-05-14 17:48:55

Experts of the Hainan Hospital of the PLA General Hospital conduct physical examination for sailors through remote ultrasonic equipment in Sanya City, south China’s Hainan Province. (Photo by Bo Lin)

By Wang Wen and Li Kun

SANYA, CHINA, May 13 (ChinaMil) -- Based on 5G (the 5th generation wireless systems) signal transmission technology, the first 5G-assisted remote ultrasound clinic, which can provide high-level ultrasonic diagnosis and medical treatment for military members stationed in remote areas or areas short of medical resources, was recently opened at the Hainan Hospital of the PLA General Hospital (PLAGH) on April 17. It has been operating for nearly one month, effectively strengthening the medical support for military members stationed on remote islands and reefs.

As of now, 62 military and civilian people have benefited from the 5G-assisted remote ultrasound clinic, among which 58 military personnel stationed on the Xisha Islands have received abdominal, gynecological examinations and emergency consultation without having to leave their battle positions.

According to introducing, due to the lack of ultrasound doctors on the islands and reefs of the South China Sea, patients with an acute abdomen must be sent out the island for further treatment in the past. However, it usually took a long time to reach the base hospital by boat. Patients with acute abdominal diseases such as urethral calculus cannot take analgesic-antispasmodic drugs to ease the sharp pain until a clear diagnosis is made. As a result, they have to suffer a lot. After the opening of the 5G-assisted remote ultrasound clinic, diagnosis can be conducted immediately, and the doctor can recommend appropriate medicine to greatly relieve the patients’ pain.

Lyu Faqin, head of the Ultrasound Department of Hainan Hospital, said that the clinic solved the problem of sonologist shortage in remote grassroots units, allowing officers and soldiers stationed there to receive advanced ultrasonic treatment and therapy without leaving their base. In case of trauma and severe illness, military personnel on the remote islands and reefs can receive emergency diagnosis and treatment within 24 hours. In even worse case, the patients can get real-time monitoring and professional first-aid guidance through remote control equipment during the aircraft transport.

Recently, in an effort to support the daily military training, the Hainan Hospital has also planned to carry out long-distance ultrasonic examination for training injuries by using remote medical robotic system.

An injured sailor receives a physical examination through the remote ultrasonic equipment in a hospital in Sansha, south China’s Hainan Province. (Photo by Zhou Sihong)


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