US, the real culprit, calls victim PLA the culprit

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-06-19 17:37:24

The US Washington Times provoked China by reporting on June 16 that a US senior intelligence official claimed that the Chinese military has taken "irresponsible actions" towards the US forces stationed at the Camp Lemonnier, a US Naval Expeditionary Base situated in Djibouti City, the Horn of Africa.

A Chinese military expert pointed out that what he has known about the truth is that the US low-flying aircraft invaded over the Chinese logistics support base there, spying on China’s military intelligence, which has seriously threatened the security of the Chinese base and personnel.

According to the Washington Times report, the director of intelligence at the US Africa Command told a small number of African media in a teleconference that the Chinese military base has tried to "constrain international airspace" by blocking aircraft from flying over the base, firing lasers from the ground at American pilots, and flying drones to interfere with US aircraft.

He even accused China of "intrusion activity” around the US base, and “attempts to gain access to Camp Lemonnier”.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense refuted that US officials' comments were completely inconsistent with the facts. The Chinese side has refuted the false accusations made by the US side through official channels.

Senior Captain Zhang Junshe, a research fellow at the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Naval Military Studies Research Institute, expressed on Monday that the US side is the guilty party who has filed the suit first.

From the US media reports, it can be seen that the truth of the matter is that the low-flying American aircraft have been conducting spy missions near the Chinese facility, which seriously threatened the safety of the Chinese base and personnel. The US side should review and stop such actions in violation of international law. 

The Camp Lemonnier is the largest military base for US Africa Command in Africa, which sits close to the logistics support base of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in Djibouti.

In addition, the accusation of the so-called laser irradiation is completely false, just the same old tune struck up again by the US to defame China. It has been publicly refuted by the Chinese Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

China has always strictly abided by the international law and the laws of the host country, and been committed to safeguarding regional security and stability.

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