China provides Cambodia mine-sweeping equipment and humanitarian supplies

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2019-06-25 18:42:19

PHNOM PENH, Jun. 25 (ChinaMil) -- The handover of mine-sweeping materials offered by China to Cambodia and the honor conferring ceremony was held in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia on Monday.

Ambassador Prum Sophakmonkol, Secretary General of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA), and Ma Shengkun, Counsellor of the Department of Arms Control of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed the handover documents on behalf of their respective governments.

On behalf of the Government of Cambodia, H.E Mr. Ly Thuch, first vice-president of CMAA, awarded the Royal Order of Sahametrei to Ma Shengkun and Qin Jijun, Director of the Arms Control and Implementation Affairs Office of the Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China.

This time around, China provided Cambodia with a total of about RMB 5 million worth of mine-sweeping equipment and humanitarian supplies. Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian said at the ceremony that China has always been concerned about the deadly hidden danger of mines in Cambodia, and has worked hard with the international community to clear mines and rebuild homes in Cambodia. China is willing to keep constructive cooperation with the Cambodian side in mine clearance.

Ly Thuch said that for many years the Chinese government has always actively assisted the Cambodian side in mine clearance and provided assistance in personnel training, mine-clearing equipment and materials, for which the Cambodian government and people will always remember and appreciate. He said that Cambodia is ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China in various fields including mine clearance.

Ma Shengkun said that through the long-term international mine-clearing work and foreign assistance, China has accumulated adequate experience and explored a way to provide assistance with Chinese characteristics. In the future, China will continue to provide mine-clearance assistance to mine-affected countries, including Cambodia, and actively carry out relevant international cooperation.

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