China-Germany "Combined Aid-2019" exercise wraps up

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-07-15 17:41:43

Participants use a stretcher to transport the simulated wounded personnel to the level Ⅱ field hospital of China at Germany’s Feldkirchen Training Base during the China-Germany "Combined Aid-2019" joint medical military exercise. (Photo by Ju Zhenhua)

MUNICH, July 15 (ChinaMil) -- The live-fire China-Germany joint military exercise on medical support, codenamed "Combined Aid-2019", was concluded on the afternoon of July 12 local time at the Feldkirchen Training Base, Germany. More than 200 troops and observers from both sides attended the closing ceremony.

This is the first live-fire China-Germany military exercise conducted in Europe.  

Against the background of joint implementation of international humanitarian medical rescue missions, the exercise focused on responding to major outbreaks and treating multiple batches of casualties. It has greatly improved the emergency response, joint operational and coordinated disposal capabilities of the participating units.

The observers watched exercise and gave high praise. Major General Li Yong, head of the Chinese delegation and commander of the Chinese PLA Joint Logistic Support Force, said that the joint exercise was a result of the continuous deepening of the military cooperation between the two militaries under the framework of the all-round strategic partnership between China and Germany, and the ever-deepening of bilateral traditional friendship between the two militaries. The settings of the scenario and subjects in the exercise aimed at the challenges faced by the two militaries and highlighted the characteristics of joint forces, which are of great significance to deepening the pragmatic cooperation between the two militaries and showcase a demonstration effect on the military exchanges and cooperation between China and other friendly countries.

Thomas Silberhorn, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany, said that this is the second joint military exercise between the German and Chinese militaries, which has further consolidated the medical cooperation mechanism between the two sides. The exercise highlighted "under the UN framework" and "international humanitarianism." The success of the joint exercise has proven that both Germany and China are surely able to hand in hand complete the tasks in need, which is of great significance to improving the international humanitarian rescue capability, said Thomas.

It is reported that in the following days, Chinese and German participating troops will go through the whole exercise, carry out cultural exchanges, and make preparations for returning home. On July 17, the participating Chinese troops will return to its original unit in China.

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