UNIFIL's Chinese medical unit provides medical service to civilians in south Lebanon

Chen Zhuo
2019-07-25 16:12:18

BEIRUT, July 24 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese medical unit of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) organized on Wednesday a medical day for civilians, in a clinic in Marjeyoun town in southern Lebanon.

Head of the Chinese medical unit Li Ruzhen said that the medical day aims at offering medical treatments to patients under the framework of the humanitarian services provided by the Chinese peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon.

"Medical services given to citizens covered different specialties, including general medicine, blood pressure, heart, veins, ear, nose, throat, and skin treatments," he told Xinhua.

Li noted that around 45 citizens were given medical treatments and necessary pharmaceutical drugs, adding that the medical unit will follow up patients who suffer from chronic diseases.

For his part, Kamal Monzer, a local official, said that the UNIFIL's Chinese battalion has gained the trust and affection of the citizens in the Lebanese border villages as a result of their numerous social, medical and health assistance.

"The Chinese battalion played an important role in removing mines and cluster bombs left by the Israeli army during its multiple wars against Lebanon, creating friendly relations and mutual respect," said Monzer, one of the organizers of the medical day.

Moreover, patients in the village expressed their appreciation for the great medical services and support they are receiving from the Chinese medical clinics.

Amina Ghbar, 65, told Xinhua that she appreciates the help offered by the Chinese battalion who take great care of people's health in the border area.

"Every now and then, I visit the Chinese military hospital which offers daily treatments for tens of citizens who find great medical care covering different specializations," she said.

According to Samer Lakkis, a 40-year-old diabetic patient, many citizens in southern Lebanon go to the Chinese military hospital because it offers various medical tests to examine hypertension, heart and lung diseases, in addition to providing dental services and free drugs and laboratory blood and diabetes tests.

Fatima al-Abdullah, from the border town of Khiam, said she was being treated at the Chinese military hospital for high blood pressure in the arteries.

"I was given full attention during my treatment at the hospital where I underwent several laboratory tests and radiography," she said.

The UNIFIL's Chinese peacekeeping force has been deployed in southern Lebanon since 2006, where it carries out operational and humanitarian tasks including medical services, support for the UNIFIL's freedom of movement, demining and disposal of unexploded ordnance, construction of the UNIFIL protection facilities, road construction, and rehabilitation of schools and kindergartens in the border area.

The 18th batch of Chinese peacekeepers, which comprises 410 troops led by Colonel Gao Chaoning, is currently carrying out its mission in the south, bringing about 6,000 Chinese troops to peacekeeping missions in southern Lebanon.

The UNIFIL has been operating in southern Lebanon since 1978 to monitor the withdrawal of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon.

The UNIFIL was further reinforced in 2006 under the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which ended Israel's 2006 war against Lebanon.

The resolution also called for Israel to withdraw its troops from southern Lebanon in conjunction with the reinforcement of the deployment of UNIFIL and the Lebanese army in the southern region of the Litani River.

At present, the UNIFIL has some 10,556 troops from 43 countries.

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