Military and civilian cooperation enhances the development of Beijing’s new airport

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-08-23 17:51:16

BEIJING, Aug. 22 (ChinaMil) – Reports from the Air Traffic Management Bureau of China’s Civil Aviation Administration of China(ATMB-CAAC) stated that the ATMB and the Aviation Control Bureau(ACB) under the PLA Air Force’ Staff department recently signed an agreement on military and civil aviation control over the nearly-completed Beijing Daxing International Airport, with the aim of promoting mutual air-control cooperation and enhancing the airport’s ability to provide coordinated and support services.

Wen Xuezheng, the Deputy Director of the ATMB, introduced that the optimization and adjustment of the Daxing Airport received strong support from the military and achieved many breakthroughs nationwide. It is the first time to realize the co-location operation of military and civil aviation airports and the sharing of airspace resources; the first time to adopt the “joint operation mode of military and civil aviation” in Beijing terminal area, with the controllers of both sides providing services to users in the same control hall; and, the first time to carry out large-scale one-way transformation of airways in North China region, which will become an important support for the balanced development of Beijing’s “one city, two airports” construction of international double hubs. All these measures have contributed to the improvement of the resource allocation efficiency, thus putting forward the sustainable development for both sides.

Tan Guokai, Deputy Director of the ACB from the air force, said that in the next step, the two sides should further strengthen the concept of opening and sharing, optimize the allocation of resources such as science, technology and airspace, and intensify the two-way training and exchange of talents, with emphasis on solving the differences in operational standards, and trying to improve the capability of the integration and collaborative support of the military and civil air traffic control.

In recent years, according to the division of responsibilities, the CAAC and the air force have improved the coordination of air traffic control in an orderly manner, while the safety and punctuality of civil aviation operations have been continuously improved as well, thus ensuring the needs of national economic construction and market development. In the first half of 2019, the civil aviation traffic control departments realized the safe take-off and landing of more than 5.2 million flights, with an increase of 7% over the same period of last year, and the normal flight rate at 80.35% with an increase of 0.83%.

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