PLA's "Peace Train-2019" offers medical services in southern Laos

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-08-26 17:38:00

Medical personnel of the PLA’s "Peace Train-2019" return to Attapeu to carry out medical service activities.(

By Su Yi and Jiang Shu

VIENTIANE, Laos, Aug. 26 (ChinaMil) -- “‘Peace Train’ of the Chinese PLA comes back!” This is the talks of the town over the past few days in Sanamxay district, southern Laos’ Attapeu province.

On the evening of July 23, 2018, the Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy hydro-power station collapsed suddenly. At the request of the Lao Ministry of Defence, the PLA immediately dispatched a medical and epidemic prevention detachment of the “Peace Train” medical team, which was performing joint rescue exercise in Laos, to the disaster area to carry out medical rescue missions.

The “Peace Train” detachment is the only foreign military rescue team officially invited by Laos, and also the first international medical team in disaster area of Sanamxay district. They worked in the worst-hit resettlement areas for ten days and served about 5,000 local people, focusing on fixed-point treatment, patrolling medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention.

In view of the common local diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and infectious diseases in Laos, the 3rd detachment of the “Peace Train” medical team --- consisting of professional experts in digestion, cardiology, endocrinology, pneumology, gynecology, pediatrics, hepatopathy, infectious diseases, otorhinolaryngology, and general practice --- first organized medical services in Pakse, Southern Laos, and then rushed to Sanamxay district for free clinical treatment.

Zhou Qiuming, deputy director of the Department of Gynecology, and Gao Yuanfu, deputy director of the Department of Pediatrics, being surrounded by women and children coming for consultation, gave detailed responses to the patients’ inquiries. "The Chinese military doctors who treated me have shown good attitude and carefully checked for me. I am very grateful", said a local female patient.   

Xu Xiaoli, leading officer of the 3rd detachment of the “Peace Train” medical team, said that the team gave all the remaining drugs to the local government, and also distributed bilingual health education manuals in both Chinese and Lao to guide local people on how to prevent diseases and perform self-care, and to introduce matters needing attention and appropriate diet after falling ill.

"China's ‘Peace Train’ is excellent! We are really thankful for their instant rescue in last year's dam failure event, and also this year’s free medical examination ", said a Laos patient.


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