Chinese peacekeepers to Lebanon participate in Lebanese Army's Open Day

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Li Jiayao
2019-08-30 17:18:55
On the open day, Chinese peacekeepers visited the equipment of the French peacekeeping forces. (Photo by Tang Chengbo)

BEIRUT, Aug. 30, (ChinaMil) -- The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese Army jointly organized the Military Camp Open Day in the barrack area of the Lebanese Army South Litani headquarters located in the Tyre on August 25, local time. The 18th Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon, together with more than 10 troop-contributing countries for the UNIFIL, was invited to participate in weapons and equipment exhibition, sports competitions and cultural performances.

The Chinese peacekeepers exhibited 18 types of mine-sweeping equipment, of which seven were unveiled in public for the first time. At the event site, Chen Yong, master sergeant and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operator, manipulated the EOD robot to accurately capture the stones, which attracted many participants’ attention to watch.

French Colonel DeReviers De Mauny, Minister of UNIFIL Operations, watched all of China’s equipment in the exhibition area. After being briefed about the performance and operating principles of the equipment, he spoke highly of the Chinese peacekeeping troops, saying that the "Chinese peacekeeping forces are fully prepared for the exhibition, which provides a good platform for the Lebanese military and civilians to understand the mine-sweeping operations of the peacekeeping forces."

Wissam, a citizen of Tyre, stayed in the China exhibition area for a long time and learned more about the latest mine-clearing work after reading the exhibition board of “Work of Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon”. Wissam said: "I have known about the work of Chinese peacekeepers at the minefields near the UN demarcated ‘Blue Line’ in southern Lebanon. They have done a good job. The Lebanese people know the hardships and dangers of mine clearance."

"The Open Day of the Military Camp serves as an important window to deepen mutual understanding with the UNIFIL friendly forces and the Lebanese. It will enable more people to know the special nature and dangers of mine clearance and EOD missions." Combining the exhibition board works over the past years, Qing Sheng, an EOD squad leader, highlighted seven new precision instruments including bomb gauges. "Advanced equipment and leading-edge technologies will better display the image of Chinese military personnel on the world stage", he added.

On the event, 37 peacekeepers of the 18th Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon were sent to participate in five sports competitions, namely 6km running, three-on-three basketball, rolling tires, tug-of-war, and push-ups. As for the cultural performances, the Chinese classical musical instruments played by the Chinese peacekeepers were very popular among locals.

It is reported that, since the first Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer detachment to Lebanon was deployed to the mission area in March 2006, they have successfully completed the tasks of mine clearance, construction, medical assistance and humanitarian relief appointed by the UNIFIL. A total of 1.919 million square meters of suspected minefields and areas with scattered explosives was cleared in accumulation, and more than 12,000 mines and unexploded ordnance were disposed. They have through practical actions made positive contributions towards maintaining the peace and stability of southern Lebanon.

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